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What are the SRAS meet ups all about?

"For anyone into a night of reptile chats and pizza consumption, the SRAS meets are the place to be.

The last meet was pretty busy and there were a superb array of species on display to learn about and even have the chance to get hands on with.

Species on display ranged from a green tree python through to a multitude of carpet pythons, a true Brazilian red tailed boa, mountain king snake, birds rat snake and some lovely looking corns.

The discussions were not formal and yet conversations about modern husbandry practice, feeding methods, incubation techniques and breeding programs abounded.

Despite being a relaxed and laid back, friendly meet up, there was a huge amount of experience being shared.

I can't think of a better way to learn or a better way to spend a Saturday night!

Will I be at the next one? You bet!"

Review by Kat Gunn

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Settling in your new reptile. Read hints, tips and advice for bringing your new reptile home. 

Written by our very own Ally Chapman.

Do you know how big your reptile pet will become? Read all about SRAS's "The BIG Ten campaign"

Are you ready for Donny!

Make sure you don't get caught out by the new rules

With fewer reptile breeders meetings and stricter rules and regulations surrounding the hobby, make sure you are clear on all the rules when attending the Doncaster breeders meeting this coming June. 

Not only will you need your membership card but will also need to provide photo ID.

Read up on all the rules here