Surrey Reptile and Amphibian Society

Doncaster Breeders Meeting Show Rules 2017

Only surplus livestock, not pets, may be sold. All livestock must comply with the applicable rules below with no exceptions.

Exhibitors may not sell livestock if any of the following applies

a)They are engaged in a business of any kind selling pets (full or part time).

b)They are registered with HMRC as being engaged in a business selling pets.

c)They currently hold a pet shop licence (PSL) which the organisers reserve the right to confirm with the applicable local authority.

Only FULLY paid up members of the I.H.S. or a society or club affiliated to the FBH and aged 16 or over are permitted to apply and to book tables and offer surplus livestock for sale. Persons under the age of 16 must not be left in sole charge of a table displaying livestock and those assisting on tables must be a member of a society/club in their own right, or be covered by family membership.      

Any person booking a table to sell livestock, anyone sharing that table or anyone helping on the table (over 16) must be named on the booking form and must ALL produce some form of photo I.D. when signing in on the morning of the event, no I.D. no entry, no if’s or butts or I’ve left it at home…the main person booking will show all I.D’s when signing in.

All livestock displayed or for sale will be subject to scrutiny by the organisers, or their appointed representatives and/or vet, before the event is open.

Any livestock that the organisers, their appointed representatives or vet, consider unfit for sale or exhibition must be taken off display permanently upon request and removed to the crèche provided.

Specimens scheduled on Annex A of EC Regs 338/97 (EU Wildlife Trade Regulations) and used for a commercial purpose require a valid Article 10 Certificate and the organisers reserve the right to scrutinise any necessary documentation.

No species listed under the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act may be displayed or offered for sale.

Exhibitors disposing of surplus stock will also be permitted to sell small quantities of pre-owned accessories, although no used light bulbs or florescent tubes may be offered for sale. 

Credit card payments for livestock should not be accepted (dry goods/accessories/ food items exempt) as this could be interpreted as a commercial activity, although payments via personal PayPal are permissible.

Temporary containers with livestock (vertebrate) can be stacked no more than two high and heating/lighting requirements of the species displayed should be given due consideration.

All vertebrate livestock must be displayed in size-appropriate containers.

It is not permitted to walk around any part of the venue with uncontained livestock.

Livestock must be labelled as to status (e.g. CB, LTC), species (English and/or Latin) and feeding record where appropriate (snakes).

No wild-caught vertebrate livestock may be offered for sale, with the exception of LTC of over 12 months duration by prior agreement with the organisers.

Please ensure livestock requirements for heat/light/substrate, and food and water (where applicable) are adequately met whilst on display.

It is not permitted to sell livestock to anyone under the age of sixteen (16) unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 5 are not permitted to handle livestock.

Livestock should not be handled unless in the course of a transaction.

It is not permitted to offer livestock which is feeding on live vertebrate prey & live mammals may not be sold or displayed.

Exhibitors must have a hand sanitizer (wipe/gel etc) available for use.

Livestock entering and leaving the event must be contained in polystyrene boxes or similar containers. Livestock transported in clear containers must be covered by some form of opaque sheet.

Exhibitors offering livestock for sale should ensure that sufficient containers and carrying bags of an appropriate size and suitable material are available & the organisers will NOT provide these on the day.

All livestock offered for sale must be the property of the exhibitor and no transactions made on behalf of a third party will be permitted.

Subletting of tables is not permitted unless pre-arranged with the event organiser. Joint exhibitors must include all names and membership details on their booking form.

Exhibitors are invited to display at least one animal that is clearly marked for judging only. Judging will take place prior to the doors being opened and exhibitors will be encouraged to display any awards won with the animal.

In order to comply with regulations concerning livestock sales it is not appropriate to display banners, wear corporate dress or engage in other pseudo-commercial promotional activity.

Exhibitors disposing of surplus livestock should not give out care sheets or any other material, but you must supply the purchaser with your name and valid phone number or email address in case they wish to contact you at a later date. Anyone found not to comply with this rule will be banned from future events.

In signing the booking form exhibitors have agreed to abide by the rules & regulations & failure to comply will result in the offender being asked to vacate table(s) and leave the event forthwith, with no money refunded. Offenders may not be permitted to attend future events staged by any FBH affiliated society/club. Exhibitors should ensure all assistants are aware of these rules and regulations and ensure compliance as breaching these rules or legislation may lead to criminal prosecution.

In the event that any I.H.S. breeders meeting / show should have to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the I.H.S. all moneys paid are non-refundable.

The event organiser may subject exhibitors to spot checks to ensure compliance with these rules and current legislation and their decision will be final.