SRAS Breeders Meeting 2022

SRAS is pleased to announce that we are holding our next breeders meeting on

23rd July 2022

at Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Guildford

from 11am till 4pm.

This is an opportunity for reptile and amphibian keepers and breeders to
get together, discuss the hobby and exchange livestock.​

23rd July 2021 11am -4pm.png

Want to book a table?

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If you would like to book a table please click the buttons below to download the rules and requirements and booking form or email

You must be a paid member of an FBH affiliated society such as SRAS or another society or club in order to hold a table. This includes the IHS and others on the list below, or you can buy a membership to SRAS by clicking on the 'JOIN US' page. 

Or just visit on the day?

All visitors over 16 must to be a member of SRAS or another FBH affiliated society, see below for list.

You can buy a membership to SRAS by clicking on the 'JOIN US' page. 




It's just £10 for a year and you will receive a personalised card and members benefits.

Visitors under 16s do not need to be a member but must to be accompanied by an adult and are not permitted to buy any livestock by law.


Memberships will be available on this website until 9pm 22nd July 2022

and will not be available on 23rd July.

This is at the request of the venue and is out of our control.

Entry is free for SRAS members with a valid membership card.

£5 for all other FBH affiliated society members with a valid membership card.

This does not include proof of purchase on a mobile phone, only a membership card will be accepted.

Other FBH societies and clubs you can join

IHS - International Herpetological Society

PRAS - Portsmouth Reptile and Amphibian Society

ERAC - Essex Reptile and Amphibian Club

​ESRAS - East Sussex Reptile and Amphibian Society

BRAS - British Reptile and Amphibian Society

TCHG - Thames and Chiltern Herpetological Group

KRAC - Kent Reptile and Amphibian Club

BHS - British Herpetological Society

SRAS Breeders Meeting Rules

At SRAS we take animal welfare very seriously so certain animals will not be permitted to be exchanged at this meeting, SRAS reserves the right to remove any animal from sale at any time throughout the meeting and eject anyone who is non-compliant. More details for exhibitors are available when you request a booking form.

Animals that are not permitted are as follows:

Any animal that is not a reptile, amphibian or invertebrate

DWA vertebrates and invertebrates

Wild caught animals. ‘Long Term Captive’ animals must be cleared with inspectors before the meeting opens

Hatchling snakes that have had under four feeds and lizards under four weeks old

Animals SRAS considers difficult to house sufficiently:


Malayopython reticulatus

Python bivittatus

Varanus niloticus

Iguana iguana

Varanus exanthematicus

Centrochelys sulcata

Eunectus murinus

Varanus salvator


Exceptions to the above species listed may be allowed with prior permission from SRAS, table holders must contact SRAS beforehand via facebook or email.

Any species exhibiting scaleless genes.

Python regius exhibiting the following genes: Spider, Woma, Hidden Gene Woma, Champagne, Super Lesser, Super Black Pastel, Super Cinnamon, Super Sable, Powerball (Super Spotnose), Pearl, Desert, Caramel Albino, Lesser Pied

Morelia spilota exhibiting the following genes: Jaguar, Super Zebra

Malayopython reticulatus exhibiting the following genes: Super Goldenchild

Pantherophis guttata exhibiting the following genes: Sunkissed exhibiting/carrying stargazer syndrome

Boa sp. exhibiting the following genes: Super Motley

Eublepharis macularius exhibiting the following genes: Enigma, Lemonfrost

A downloadable copy of these rules can be found here 

Meeting Information


Covid 19 precautions:

You are welcome to wear a mask at your own discretion and if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have tested positive please do not attend for everyone’s safety.

We will have hand sanitiser available throughout the venue.

Directions to venue:

Please note the postcode is GU3 2DT, as the Google post code takes you to a different place!


Under 16s cannot legally buy livestock on the day.

Please keep all livestock transactions inside the building. 


There’s no cash machine on site, please bring enough before you arrive. The nearest cash machine is Tesco Express on Lysons Avenue, 10 minutes away.

Parking: there is a lot of parking opposite the venue, it is free and belongs to the council and not the venue. Otherwise, there is Normandy Common Car Park on Hunts Hill Road with a few spaces which is a 5 minute walk.

Food and drinks:

We have a food van booked for the day.

Young children and pushchairs:

It is possible that the venue will be very busy, may not be the most suitable environment for young children, and may not have enough room to move a push chair around between the aisles of tables so please consider this when attending.